Program change for Šediváčkův Long 300.

To make the race more attractive, we have managed to extend the track so that the 300 km do not have to double loops.
Therefore, the program is in good snow conditions as follows:

21.01 Tuesday Festive start at 17.00 60 km
22.01. Wednesday 10.00 am 65 km
23.01. Thursday 10,00 h 85 km 1. Bivouac Černá voda
24.01. Friday 8.00 am 85 km 2. Bivouac Zámeček
25.01. Saturday 7:00 am 35 km

On both bivouacs we deliver a material bag to each participant, which we hand over at the registration, which you can fill with the material. For example, spare clothing dog food, etc.).

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