Organizational report on track condition

ŠEDIVÁČKŮV LONG will start on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 in Deštné v Orlických horách for the 300 km race, the length of the track will be about 30 km. Wednesday will start from 10 am in Jedlová for 200 km and 300 km. The length of the track for the race 200 km about 40 km and for the race 300 about 60 km. Track: Jedlová – sv. Matouš – Luisino valley – Hřebenovka – Komáří Vrch – Five-way – under Marušou – Luisino valley – Jedlová. Two bivouacs for the 300 km race and one bivouac for the 200 km race are foreseen. A four-hour pause is canceled. The track is safe for sledding up to 10 dogs (even Skj). Information for Skj will be specified at the musher meeting. Due to snow conditions, the compulsory load of 7 kg per dog is canceled, but compulsory equipment remains proportional. The organizer will take care of the safety of the teams on the track, which may change according to the current weather conditions.

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