ŠEDIVÁČKŮV LONG Extreme -Can take place.

Those who haven’t packed yet can start 😊.
The final decision for the event was made today (Saturday, 21.1.2023) in the morning, after the long-awaited snow had fallen in the Mountains. At the last minute, which forced us to make an extreme decision and made this race “extreme” from the beginning 😊.
As mentioned in Thursday’s report, the race will not be the National Championship. That’s the only big change. We were prepared for a safe race when it came to shortening the routes or starting from the Luisatal, for example. The race itself should be decided this weekend because of the snow cover. And the snow has been there since this evening. Of course, there will be other minor changes compared to previous years, but they always depend on the current weather conditions.
For example, the opening ceremony will take place on Tuesday, 24 January, behind the Kristýna in the village of Jedlová in Deštné v Orl. h., and the starts of all categories will take place on one day, on Wednesday morning (10.00-12.00), the longest 300 km course (which was originally scheduled for the start on Tuesday) will not be run. The rest will remain the same according to the planned programme.
The ŠEDIVÁČKŮV LONG will have a total of 4 stages if there is a bivouac, which will be decided during the race. The length of a stage is currently being prepared from 35 km and more. We are aiming for a safe trail.
We cordially invite you and thank the participants for their participation, the volunteers for their help and everyone else for their support.
Please inform as many people as possible.

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