Race 2024

Šediváčkův long 2024 – XXVI. annual

23.–27. January 2024, Deštné in Orlic mountains

Orlic mountains to be owned by mushers again. Race ŠEDIVÁČKŮV LONG – one of the hardest dogsledding races in Europe takes place 23. to 27. 1. 2024 as 26. annual. The race traditionally welcomes about 700 sled dogs and more than 100 mushers from the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Croatia, Hungary, and Poland. Registered racers can choose a 200km trail, divided by 4 etaps or a 300km trail, divided by 5 etaps. The trail is going through wild and beautiful nature in the heart of Orlic mountains. You can meet a legend of the race Roman Novotný from the area of Příbram, who never missed an annual race and this annual will be his 26th! What a common anniversary! Another well-known and successful racer from the Czech Republic you can meet is Roman Habásko from the area of Karlovy Vary.

Due 25 years of experience with this legendary race, we can say that we can beat all the crises and moods of weather which may cross our organization plans.  The only thing that wasn’t possible to beat was the world pandemic in 2021 and for the first time in the history of this race we didn’t run. But we are running again this year, and If you are asking yourself, how you can watch and follow the race, don’t worry, we have a solution for you. The racers are monitored by special methods which we have discovered. Due to this method, all the organizators and visitors can see how the race is going on and where all the racers are at this moment You can also follow the race on our website! That is a good thing because Šediváčkův long is hosting tents of racers from thirteen countries of the world.

This dogsledding race for 200 or 300 km run on the ridge of Orlic mountains has 1 or 2 mandatory bivouacs on snow and the race is counting for Czech championship in long (long destination races). This race is one of the hardest dogsledding races in Europe and the longest in the Czech Republic. This race is special for its extreme elevation – more than 7500m. Those are the reasons, why we hosted the European championship in 2004 in a long and mid trails race.

The race traditionally starts and ends at Jedlová in Deštná,  Orlic mountains, places we have the cooperation with. ŠEDIVÁČKŮV LONG can offer a unique experience to all racers, their dogs, visitors, organizators, volunteers, and our lovely sponsors too. The famous race in the heart of the Czech mountains is very attractive to visitors, who are coming every year in high numbers. The atmosphere of the north, brave mushers fighting the best in all weather conditions and their partners in crime – their dogsled teams. It is not about the race itself, but the friendship

ŠEDIVÁČKŮV LONG is more and more popular and monitored by media – locals, national and international one. The actual information is available on the website of the race (www.sedivackuv-long.cz).After every annual, there is a documentary movie made by one of us and which you can buy as a memory. This race is not possible to make happen without all the work of many volunteers, sponsor support. And because of this kindness, all of us can have this amazing time together, remembered for life.

Come and feel the atmosphere of the misty and cold north, the old way of the friendship of humans and dogs, and all of this under the constant watch of Šediváček, the legendary dog, the race was named after.


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Race schedule:


day date time programm km 200 km 300
tu 23.01.2024        
till 16.00 Pre-race checking    
from 17:30 Start category 300 km   60 km
from 20:00 Finishes (Kristyna)    
we 24.01.2024 10:00- 12:00 start 60 km 70 km
from 15:00 Finishes (Kristyna)    
from 21:00 Šediváčkův ball    
thu 25.01.2024 10:00-12:00 start 30 km 60 km
from 13:00 Finishes Orlické Záhoří – Černá Voda    
from 15:00 Start from Černá Voda 30 km  
  300 km – 1. Bivouac    
from 18:00 Finishes (Kristyna)    
fr 26.01.2024 from 9:00 start Černá Voda   80 km
from 12:00 start Kristyna 50 km  
from 16:00 Finnishes in bivouac in Zámeček – Pádolí    
sa 27.01.2024 from 8:00 start in Zámeček – Pádolí 30 km 30 km
from 9:30 Finishes (Kristyna)    
from 15:00 Final ceremony and awards    
Every day possibility to shorten the Trail by “KO” Stage.


Tuesday 23 January 2024 at 17:30 only for the category 300 km just under the ski slopes in Deštné v Orlických Horách.

Wednesday 24 January 2024 at 10:00 from pension house START – Jedlova.

The place of bivouac is in Czech Republic in Zámeček – Pádolí. On the bivouac is not allowed any help to mushers from doghandlers or any other person. This will be regarded as a major offence, leading to the disqualification of the team.

Pre-race checking: 
The day before the race, at the latest at 16.00pm, unless the organisation is informed of a major problem, all teams must be available for pre-race checking. ( The veterinary checking, doping control, FISTC race passports, all race rules are in conformity of FISTC organisation). If the dogs are not checked they will not be allowed to race.

Obligatory vaccinations: Rabies, Basic vaccination, Canine cough for all dogs present at stake out (racingdogs and visitordogs). 

Entry fee: 
Category 200 km: 140,- Euro (3000,- KC)
Category 300 km: 160,- Euro (3500,- KC) – Only for 5 or more dogs. Minimum number of participants: 10 starters

Entry fee: Half of the starting money in advance.

The entry fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. The registration is only valid with the paid entry fee.

In case of cancellation of the race, the entry fee will not be refunded and will not be carried over to the next year.


Total Racedistance: 
200 km and 300 km

Obligate weigh:
7 kg pr dog, maximum 70 kg (according to the snow conditions).

Mandatory equipment: 
– 4 booties for each dog in the sled or in use
– spare food for dogs- 1 daily porsion per each dog still in sled pack
– spare harnesses- 2 pieces
– spare dog-collars- 2 pieces
– spare sled lines with all carbines
– first aid kit
– saucers for dogs
– cooker + pot capable of boiling at least 1 liter of water for each dog
– dog blankets- it is not allowed for Nordic bread dogs
– sled bag capable of carrying 2 dogs ( for teams over 6 dogs), 1 dog ( for teams to 6 dogs)
– stake out
– spare food for musher
– extra clothing, underwear and outside clothing, socks.
– tent or canvas
– proper cold weather sleeping bag and karimaten
– map, compass or GPS
– passport
– good headlamp and batteries at least for 5 hours
– cable min. 3m long
– each sled must by equipped with an appropriate brake, a brushbow, security line and two snow hooks ( for teams over 6 dogs), one snow hook ( for teams to 6 dogs)

Mandatory equipment – skiering:
– 4 booties for each dog
– spare food for dogs – 1 daily porsion per each dog when comming to bivouac *
– spare harnesses 1pc
– spare dog-collar 1pc
– spare skj. line
– stake out *
– saucer for each dog
– thermosbottle with hot drink
– first aid kit incl. thermofolie, tabule of plain chocklate
– whistle
– cooker + pot *
– thermo coat – not mandatory for SH, AH etc.
– food for musher *
– extra clothing, underwear and outside clothing, socks
– tent or canvas *
– proper cold weather sleeping bag and karimaten *
– map, compass or GPS
– osobní doklady
– passport
– good headlamp and batteries at least for 5 hours

* equipment for bivouac

LT1, LT2, LTO, pulka, OPEN.
Skiering: special equipment and help from organizators. Only for skiers with evincible experience.

The category of 300 km is possible for all teams more than 5 dogs.
The category of 200 km is for all teams

Any time limits will be announced before to the start. Time limits will affect mainly the 300 km distance.

In consideration of the large organisatorical and financial effort to prepare the extreme race, sponsors and all kind of help are welcome.

Pavel Kucera
Po Box 35, 38451 Volary, Czech republic, Tel: 00420 602 109 583
Andrea Muller Kucera
Blutenweg 1, D-94116 Hutthurm, Tel.0049-(0)171-6122535
E-mail: mueller.kucera@web.de