Veterinary conditions for 26th year


Due to the lack of supply of Nobivac KC vaccine in some European countries, the Nasal Kennel Cough Vaccination is only recommended for the 2023 race, not mandatory.

Obligatory vaccinations: Rabies, Basic vaccination for all dogs present at stake out (racingdogs and visitordogs). Viewers will be checked by our veterinary service.

All dogs, even those who do not start the race, must have the following:
– Chip + Europass

– Vaccination against:
infectious laryngotracheitis + parainfluenza (viral component)
infectious hepatitis
– Recommendation: vaccination against so-called kennel cough (newly added with bacterial component)
recommended Nobivac KC vaccines for intranasal administration or Pneumodog in injection variant,

– The animals must be clinically healthy and regularly treated for external and internal parasites

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